Best Men’s Yoga Pants

When you practice yoga it is important that you wear the right clothes. You need to wear clothes that are comfortable and flexible so that you can use your full range of movement.

You can get warm and work up a bit of a sweat, so it is best to wear something cool that will draw the moisture away from your body.

Best Men’s Yoga Pants

You need to make sure that the yoga pants you buy are ideal for you. This could be loose-fitting pants or tight leggings, full length pants or shorts.

We have made it much easier for you to find the right yoga pants by putting together this list of recommended products. All of these yoga pants are tried and tested and are high quality.

The Best Men’s Yoga Pants To Purchase Online

Here are our top recommendations for men’s yoga pants.

1. Willit Men’s Yoga Leggings

These tight fitting yoga leggings have no excess material to get in your way while you are working out.

They are made from a blend of synthetic materials – nylon and spandex – for durability and flexibility.

This means that the trousers will move with you and give you a full range of movement. The material is nice and soft against your skin.

These pants have some amazing features that set them apart from similar products.

The flat seams reduce chafing, the gusseted crotch gives you more flexibility, The elastic waistband is comfortable and not restrictive, and there are useful pockets.

The quick dry fabric keeps you cool and dry, even if you work up sweat during your yoga practice.

These yoga pants can also be used for other types of exercise like cycling or running, which makes them the perfect choice for anyone with an active lifestyle who needs versatile workout gear.

They are available in a range of colors and sizes and you can also buy them directly from Willit.


  • Fit – These leggings have a tight fit which is ideal for checking form
  • Stretch – The material is stretchy and moves with you
  • Quick Dry – The fabric is quick to dry and keeps you cool
  • Comfort – The fabric is soft and the flat seams reduce chafing
  • Versatile – You can use these pants for various activities


  • Modesty – The tightness of the pants makes them not very modest around the crotch
  • Length – The leg length is very long which might not be suitable for shorter customers

2. Willit Yoga Sweatpants

These soft yoga pants are loose-fitting and super comfortable. They are made from 92% cotton with 8% spandex for some added flexibility, giving you soft pants that offer a full range of movement.

The fabric has moisture wicking technology which draws any sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool and comfortable during your workout.

These pants have an elasticated waistband which is gentle on your skin and does not restrict your movement.

The flatlock stitching prevents chafing which keeps you as comfortable as possible. The side pockets are deep which is useful for keeping personal items close to hand on the way to your yoga class.

These pants are so comfortable you will also want to wear them to lounge around the house.

You can get these yoga pants in a range of different colors. They are also available directly from Willit. You can watch a video review of these yoga pants here.


  • Material – These yoga pants are made from a cotton and spandex blend
  • Quick Dry – The moisture wicking technology keeps you cool and dry
  • Comfort – The soft material and stretchy waistband keep you comfortable
  • Design – You can choose from different colors


  • Fit – The leg is straight fit which might cling if you have more muscular thighs
  • Heavy – The fabric is comfortable but a bit heavy which might cause you to get too warm

3. Coofandy Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are made from a blend of cotton and linen which makes them super soft, lightweight and breathable. You will be able to stay cool and comfortable during your yoga practice.

The drawstring waist lets you choose how loose or tight you want the trousers to be.

These yoga pants have a straight leg design for a loose and flowy fit. They have useful pockets and they are easy to clean as they are machine washable.

You can choose from multiple different colors and these pants are also available directly from Coofandy.


  • Material – These pants are made from a blend of cotton and linen
  • Adjustable -The drawstring waist is adjustable
  • Fit – The straight leg design gives these pants a loose fit
  • Design – You can choose from various colors


  • Colors – Some of the colors look different in person than they do on the photographs

4. Amazon Performance Tech Yoga Pants

These Amazon Basic yoga pants are very affordable. They are made from 100% polyester which is flexible and durable. They are machine washable so it is very easy to keep these pants clean in between uses.

Not only are these yoga pants lightweight, they are also breathable and have moisture-wicking technology. This will keep you cool and dry during your yoga practice.

These trousers have a concealed waistband and two useful pockets on the front. They are available in three different shades of gray and are only available from amazon.


  • Material – The polyester is durable and lightweight
  • Quick dry – the moisture wicking technology keeps you dry and cool
  • Waistband – The waistband is concealed for a smooth appearance


  • Color – These pants are only available in 3 colors which are all shades of gray

5. Pudolla Cotton Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are made out of 92% cotton for softness and 8% spandex for flexibility. This is the perfect combination for comfortable yoga pants.

The drawstring waistband is really flexible and adjustable so you can make sure that you have your full range of movement around your abdomen.

There are two large pockets in these yoga pants and one back pocket which makes them really useful.

The loose fit style is ideal for yoga, but also for light jogging, lounge wear or even sleeping.

You can choose from a range of different colors so you will be able to pick pants that go well with your yoga tops. These yoga pants are only available on amazon


  • Material – These yoga pants are made from a blend of cotton and spandex
  • Fit – The loose fit design is ideal for yoga
  • Adjustable – The drawstring waistband is adjustable for comfort
  • Design – There are different colors to choose from


  • Thickness – These pants are quite warm and thick which is not ideal if you live in a warmer climate

6. Ganfeng Yoga Capris Pants

If you are looking for something shorter that is perfect for warm weather, this product is ideal.

These yoga pants are made from a blend of 70% cotton and 30% flax, which makes them soft and durable. The loose fit style is perfect for yoga, and you won’t feel restricted as you move around.

These yoga pants have a casual style which is great for the beach or for general casual wear as well as yoga. You can also wear them to lounge around the house.

The drawstring closure makes the waist adjustable, so the pants will always feel comfortable around the abdomen.

These pants are machine washable which makes them really easy to maintain and keep clean.

They have two front pockets for keeping your personal items in, and they are ideal for yoga at home, outdoors or in the studio.

The pants are available in different sizes and come in various colors. You will be able to find a color that is perfect for your personal style.

The pants are only available from Amazon. You can watch a video review of these yoga pants here.


  • Material – The blend of cotton and flax makes the pants soft yet durable
  • Fit – The pants have a loose fit style which is ideal for yoga
  • Design – The pants are available in various colors and have useful pockets
  • Versatile – You can use these pants for yoga but also for casual wear or lounge wear
  • Maintenance – The pants are machine washable which is very convenient
  • Breathable – The lightweight material will keep you cool as you workout


  • Moisture – These pants do not have moisture wicking technology or moisture control to keep you dry

How To Choose The Best Yoga Pants

We have provided you with a list of the best yoga pants, but you need to decide which ones are going to be best for you. Here are some things you can consider to narrow down your selection.


Yoga pants come in a variety of different materials – cotton, spandex, nylon, linen etc. Each material has different qualities like softness, lightweight, stretchy, durable etc.

Yoga pants made from a blend of different materials will benefit from the qualities of all of them, making the pants more versatile.


You can get tight fit, straight legs, loose fit, and relaxed fit yoga pants. Which one is best comes down to personal preference.

You might prefer something flowy that doesn’t cling to you, or you might decide that you want something tight fitting so there is no material getting in your way.


Some people prefer full length yoga pants and others prefer shorter capris style yoga pants.

You should think about the temperature in your yoga studio or wherever you will be practicing yoga and decide what is best for you.


There are certain superior design features to look out for in yoga pants, such as flat seams to prevent chafing, moisture wicking technology to keep you dry, and elasticated waistbands to give you full range of movement.


Choosing the right yoga pants can make a big difference to your yoga practice. It is important to be comfortable and to have a good range of movement. All of these yoga pants are highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about yoga pants.

Are Leggings Better For Yoga Than Flowy Pants?

Some people prefer wearing leggings for yoga because there is no excess material to get in their way. It also makes it very easy to check your form in a mirror as you can clearly see the position of your legs.

Should You Wear Shorts Or Full Length Pants For Yoga?

It can get warm doing yoga, even indoors, so some people prefer to wear shorts or knee-length pants. However, it depends on the climate in your area and your personal preference.

Why Do You Need Yoga Pants?

It is important to wear the right clothes when practicing yoga. You need to be able to move your body freely and not be restricted by inflexible materials. You also need to be comfortable.

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