5 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Arizona That Will Bring You To A Better State Of Being

If you are looking for one of the top spots in the country for a yoga retreat, then we will have to recommend Arizona.

This is not just for the amazing nature you can surround yourself with when indulging in yoga, but also the wide variety of different yoga getaways that are available.

5 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Arizona That Will Bring You To A Better State Of Being

This means that no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find a yoga retreat that will fit you perfectly in Arizona.

Imagine how amazing it would be to recharge your spiritual energy when surrounded by the red rocks in Sedona, or going on a hike across parts of the Sonoran Desert, or even getting some peaceful time when getting a luxury massage at one of the many spas in the area.

It is also worth pointing out that most of the best yoga retreats available in Arizona are in Sedona, so you are sure to get some amazing sights when on your trip.

Part of the reason why Sedona is one of the best spots in the country for a yoga retreat is the well known Sedona vortex energy.

This is caused by the intersection of the natural electromagnetic energy of the earth and this makes it so people visiting who are doing yoga tend to have some amazing and profound experiences when indulging in the activity.

This is why the nature in this area is so unique, with the twisted trees especially creating some sights that are stranger than fiction.

There are a wide variety of retreat centers which will give you some of the best yoga classes you have ever experienced, not just classes, but yoga therapy, yoga sessions, some amazing accommodations, on top of some great food provided as well.

These trips give you time to focus, as well as space, time and energy to be able to heal yourself.

The restorative power of these trips is not something to look down on, and is something that is hard to understand until you have tried it yourself.

So, no matter what kind of yoga retreat you want to go on, we are going to cover a wide variety of our favorites so you have some choices on which ones will suit you best!

4 Day Yoga, Adventure & Hiking Retreat In Arizona

For one of our top choices, we have this yoga retreat hosted by Bigger Life Adventures, that is in Williams Arizona. The cost of this getaway starts at $900, but there are more expensive packages available.

The retreat tends to run annually throughout the months of June, July, and August.

This is one of the top yoga retreats that is surrounding the Grand Canyon area of Arizona, so if exploring this famous spot of the country has been something you have always wanted to do, then this is one of our top choices!

This is a great retreat that will help you detach yourself from the stresses of day to day life, and detox (Also check out What Is The Panchakarma Detox And How Can It Help?) from negative influences like a reliance on technology.

This is a rejuvenating experience that focuses on adventure. It is an off the grid experience and you will get some of the best yoga and meditation guidance that is available.

It is worth pointing out that all of the food provided is plant based, so if you have more specific tastes, you might want to call ahead and see what kind of food will be getting offered.

Also, this is not an exclusive yoga retreat, and there is focus on climbing and hiking as well, so if you just want to focus on yoga, then this is something that you might want to avoid.

You will be sleeping in a yurt, and a lot of the time you will be outdoors not relying on as many resources are usually available to you.

However, if you are focused on feeling a little more adventurous, then this is a great option.

The specific strengths of this yoga getaway include the amount of time you get to spend outdoors, and the variety of activities with the hiking and adventure excursions.

You will get daily yoga and meditation guidance, as well as some amazing glamping options for accommodation.

There are no specific negatives about this retreat except the ones that are based on your taste, for example, the catering may leave you with limited options if you are more picky, and if you just want to focus on yoga, then the other activities might start to feel like an unnecessary distraction.

5 Day Luxury Retreat – Yoga, Hiking & Breath Work In Sedona, AZ

5 Day Luxury Retreat - Yoga, Hiking & Breath Work In Sedona, AZ

Now, if you are looking for something that might give you a bit more of a luxury experience, then this is going to be a top option for you! This is a 4 night and 5 day experience, and it costs $2929 to experience.

It runs between July and December, and you are sure to have a great time. Compared to our more adventurous previous pick, this one is a little bit less adventurous, but still just as focused on yoga, but with a more luxurious approach.

One thing you usually will not find with yoga retreats is that they take place in a luxury resort, but that is exactly what you are getting here.

It is 4 nights at the Hilton Resort which is beneath the famous Red Rocks, and you will get a delicious restaurant breakfast and lunch every day.

There are then soul nourishing Hatha Yoga classes, and mindful hiking and yoga in the red rocks. There is also a focus on Pranayama which is breath work, on top of the usual meditation instruction.

The spa in the resort is amazing, featuring heated pools and jacuzzis, you also get a lot of free time to focus on reflection and journaling.

As we have mentioned, this is one of the more luxury yoga retreats on this guide, so if you are working on a tighter budget, this is not going to be for you, but if money is less of an issue, then the amazing hiking and yoga experiences you will have here are well worth the investment!

5 Day Yoga, Meditation, & Hiking Reset Retreat In Arizona

This is another yoga retreat in Arizona, and this one is hosted by Blisstopia Retreats. There is yoga and meditation, as well as hiking. It costs about $1100 and takes place in mid-September or late November.

This retreat will help you with unplugging, as well as resetting, with a focus on becoming your essential being.

You will get plenty of guidance in this package with acts of cleansing using yoga, asana, meditation, pranayama, and also theoretical lessons as well.

You can also get massages, saunas, swimming, music, reflexology, reiki, herbal tea, and the nourishing Ayurvedic food too.

There is plenty to do here, so we recommend looking into it if any of this sounds appealing!

4 Day Women’s Wellness Yoga & Meditation Retreat In Arizona

If you are looking for something that focuses almost completely on yoga, with less of a focus on hiking, then this yoga retreat hosted by Briar Patch Inn should be perfect for you!

It costs $2222 and takes place in March and October.

This retreat is focused on healing, as well as women’s holistic wellness as well. It takes place in one of the canyon areas in Sedona, and it is a perfect private area to get away from it all.

As we have mentioned, it is a women’s retreat, so unfortunately if you are not a woman this yoga retreat will not be available.

This package of course contains the cost of the accommodations, but also, the 3 meals you will get a day, the treatments, the beverages, the specialized workshops that are available, the group activities and excursions.

There are also guided nature hikes available if you want to explore the beautiful area.

4 Day Nature Wellness & Adventure Retreat In Page, Arizona

4 Day Nature Wellness & Adventure Retreat In Page, Arizona

This yoga retreat costs $1695 and is hosted by Lake Powell Resort.

It takes place quite a few times throughout the year, essentially every month between April and November, so if you want something that is available more widely, then this is a good option.

You will get some amazing views and great guided yoga sessions!


Hopefully this guide has given you some insight into all the amazing yoga retreats that are available in Arizona (Also check out Amazing Yoga Retreats In Virginia) (Also check out Amazing Yoga Retreats In Virginia) (Also check out Amazing Yoga Retreats In Virginia).

If you manage to find a yoga retreat in the state that sounds like it will suit your tastes, then we are sure you are going to have a life-changing experience.

The nature and unique energy that is found in this state makes it an incredibly impactful experience for those who are looking to disconnect and have a spiritual experience.

So, of course, make sure to research the yoga retreat you are planning to go on, but do not worry too much as they will all give you something you are looking for!

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