6 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Puerto Rico That Will Bring You To A Better State Of Being

The bright and beautiful archipelago of Puerto Rico and its surrounding islands are the perfect place to practice yoga, especially considering just how much natural beauty there is to admire and the stunning weather that can make it much easier to focus and feel grounded without your mind wandering away which can commonly happen when it’s a little chiller outside.

6 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Puerto Rico That Will Bring You To A Better State Of Being

Because of this, Puerto Rico has been an incredibly popular destination for yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike, with there being plenty of retreats to visit if you want to progress your spiritual journey and achieve a sense of mindfulness, while also improving your physical strength, balance, and flexibility.

From majestic rainforests to pristine beaches, there are plenty of tranquil yoga retreats around Puerto Rico that you can test out for yourself, so rather than getting up a map and getting confused about where to go right after the plane lands, take a look at these retreats listed below so that you can discover which area is best suited for you and your personal goals so that you are prepared when you finally arrive.

1. St.Regis Bahia Beach

The large and magnificent St. Regis Bahia Beach has become a fairly popular yoga retreat over the last few years, and it’s not just due to the jaw-dropping view of the glistening water flowing by the shore, but also the extremely impressive yoga studio situated on the beach which was actually designed by the famous architect David Chipperfield.

While this peaceful corner of Puerto Rico has gradually started becoming more well-known in the yoga community, you’ll never find it packed full of crowds or large groups, so you won’t have to worry about availability issues or being distracted if you’re someone who prefers to keep to themselves when it’s time for yoga.

As you train your mind to rid away the worries and anxieties of everyday life to achieve a state of mindfulness and contentment, you will be accompanied by the delicate noises of birds chirping and the ocean gently brushing up against the shore, and if you did need a quick refreshment or simply wanted to wind down after a long session, the St.Regis spa isn’t too far from the sanctuary itself.

2. Finca Victoria

Being located on one of the highest points on the island of Vieques, Finca Victoria is the very definition of a delightful getaway, being surrounded by luscious vegetation and providing a delightful view of the burning sunset while also being the home to the very unique native Coqui frogs.

All of this makes for some great scenery when you’re in the middle of a yoga session, and it gets even better when the sun goes down, and the stars appear as if they are only an arm’s length away, and if it’s a particularly clear-sky, you can even see the Milky Way.

Nature is incredibly important in the practice of yoga since it connects us to the sky, the air, and the sun’s life-giving energy, all of which have deep roots within certain chakras and are vital for fuelling our positive emotions.

It should be said that since the tourism industry began booming in Puerto Rico just a few years ago, Finca Victoria has become a very popular getaway destination, so you will need to book beforehand and will have the choice between a residential program or a day trip option.

3. AC Hotel San Juan Condado

While San Juan is a capital city full of beauty and adventure, it can be easy to try and avoid these types of areas as a yoga enthusiast because of how busy and noisy they can initially seem, but as long as you know the right areas to stay, you will be able to admire all the landmarks and landscapes contained within the city while still having enough space and isolation to practice meditation or yoga, and the AC Hotel is one of the best areas for this.

The hotel itself provides nothing but the very best in terms of comfortability and services for its residents, having a very bright and modernized design that blends in elegantly with the shimmering outdoor pool and lush green palm trees swaying overhead.

However, aside from all the magnificent design choices, the AC Hotel also doubles as a large fitness center, offering yoga classes for individuals still getting to grips with the basics, and a yoga hall for people who simply want to work on their mindfulness and state of being in a beautiful environment away from all the hustle and bustle of the city center.

4. Blue Horizon Boutique Resort

The Blue Horizon Boutique Resort is located on the gorgeous island of Vieques, and if you’re looking for a retreat that’s a little more exotic and vibrant with colors popping out everywhere you look, this is definitely the place to be, featuring plenty of outdoor space and some amazing villas where you can grab a quick drink or simply chat with the incredibly friendly staff.

The amount of beauty that surrounds this small remote island really is astounding, whether it’s the crystal clear sea, the mountainous backdrop, or even the plethora of aquatic animals, including the green sea turtles and manatees, there really aren’t many retreats that will grant you a sense of natural wonder and belonging more than the Blue Horizon Resort.

While visitors are free to practice yoga along the large stretches of bright green fields that can be found at the front and the back of the main villa building, the resort is also just a few steps away from the wild Coconut Beach, which is considered somewhat of a hidden gem due to the fact that not many people know about it, and the people who usually do visit often only know about it after staying at Blue Horizon.

Either find a shady spot to enjoy a solo yoga session, or allow one of the friendly instructors to guide you through the best ways to clear your mind to help you reach a state of inner peace and elevated consciousness.

5. Fairmont El San Juan Hotel

While this hotel located on Isla Verde Avenue may be a little more pricey than many of its competitors, it certainly provides guests with more than enough bang for their buck, featuring three excellent 5-star restaurants, live entertainment, and a whole host of exciting activities including snorkeling and jet-skiing.

Yoga fans will also be happy to know that there are plenty of activities based around yoga to get involved with, along with more private spaces so that you can harness your energy and practice mindfulness in isolation, giving you a tremendous amount of options on how you want to relax.

Some of the yoga-themed nights include vertical wall yoga, which involves stretching your legs, back, and arms up a wall in order to relieve stress in certain areas of the body and in the joints, aswell as sunset yoga classes, where you will be guided by a yoga instructor on how to train your mind and body relax while admiring the blazing sunset behind the majestic mountains that surround Puerto Rico.

These classes are a great way to expand your own knowledge of yoga while also meeting other people with similar goals to you, but if you did want a little alone time to cleanse your mind and emotions, the hotel also provides a private beach area that you can try out instead.

6. Utuado Rainforest

A lot of the yoga retreats (Also check out Yoga Retreats In Belize) that you can find dotted across Puerto Rico tend to be right next to the sea, and while this is a perfect way to harness the energy of the water and awaken the Sacral Chakra, if you wanted to be right in the center of the natural world so that you can really feel at one with the earth, it can be very worthwhile trying yoga in one of the many lush rainforests found across Puerto Rico.

This rainforest located right at the center of Puerto Rico in Utuado has become an especially popular rainforest for yoga sessions because of how much easier it is to navigate than many of the others, with signs placed every few steps so you will never get lost.

With that being said, once you venture deep into the forest, it’s easy to forget about civilization altogether as you immerse yourself in the exotic and very peaceful atmosphere and environment that surrounds you.

You are able to embark on a solo journey through this rainforest on your own, but it would probably be more fulfilling and beneficial to instead sign up for one of the many guided programs which will provide you with accommodation and meal plans so that you can practice yoga without having external worries plaguing your mind.


Surrounding yourself with nature can be extremely important in yoga when you are trying to establish a stronger connection between your body and the natural world, and since a big purpose of practicing yoga is to help an individual feel grounded to the earth beneath their feet, it’s always worth seeking out exotic destinations to practice, and Puerto Rico is certainly among one of the best areas for this.

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