8 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Virginia That Will Bring You To A Better State Of Being

As a society, we’re getting pretty good at being able to listen to our bodies. We know how to care for physical illnesses by going and seeing a doctor or say not putting strain on a twisted ankle.

We know how to look after ourselves, at least in body, and we know when it’s time to give ourselves a break when it’s struggling.

8 Amazing Yoga Retreats In Virginia That Will Bring You To A Better State Of Being

But in terms of the mind, we don’t quite seem to have the same hang of things. Or at least, we have so many responsibilities and stresses that we don’t deem mental health quite as important as physical ailments.

We’re getting better, sure, thanks to advocacy in terms of mental health. But there is still work to be done.

And one of the best ways, by far, to look after our mindset or state of being, if you will, is to take some time away from our stressful lives and just focus on ourselves. How do you do that? By visiting a yoga retreat, of course!

These retreats are completely focused on rest, relaxation, and mindfulness, to ensure that our mental health is just as good and important as our physical health.

And in this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the very best yoga retreats that Virginia has to offer. Ready to learn more? Then let’s get started.

Salamander Resort & Spa

Salamander Resort & Spa

You won’t find a more luxurious breakaway than that of the Salamander Resort & Spa. With both stunning indoor and outdoor pools and tons of yoga classes on offer, there is no better way to unwind and relax.

And once you’ve started your morning off with some mindfulness, you’ll be in the perfect headspace to power through the wonderful activities the resort has to offer.

Whether that’s chilling out while receiving treatment from the amazing spa, exploring the outdoors by cycling or horse-riding, or enjoying the facilities from the comfort of your resort such as sipping away at drinks in the bar, you can rest assured that you’ll have a blast.

As the day then draws to a close, you can reside in your cozy guest room that includes air-conditioning, flat-screen televisions, and astounding views thanks to the large sweeping windows.

The Griffin Hotel

The Griffin Hotel

If meditation, unwinding, and practicing yoga are your main goals for your vacation, then you’ll be in safe hands at The Griffin Hotel.

Not only can you start the mornings with a spot of yoga and meditation, but there are also endless possibilities once you’re done.

A visit to the hotel’s spa is an absolute must. There’s no better way to watch the stress melt away than to experience one of their amazing deep-tissue or Swedish massages.

They also offer a range of other treatments including aromatherapy and hydrotherapy.

Alternatively, you can opt to become one with nature by opting for one of the local hiking or biking trails or treat yourself to a delightfully delicious sip (or three) of wine at the nearby winery tours.

And once it is time to retire to your bed, you’ll also nestle into a comfy room with a picturesque view of the surrounding countryside or the hotel’s stunning pond.

Oh, and don’t forget since it’s located in Williamsburg, there are plenty of amazing attractions just a stone’s throw away from your accommodation.

Oakhurst Inn

Oakhurst Inn

This boutique-style hotel offers a quaint and unique relaxing experience for those in desperate need of a break away from the hardships of life.

It’s a great way to escape and spend time alone or in a little bubble with your friends and family.

Don’t worry, there’s still internet access for those who don’t want to be too out of touch.

But we definitely recommend allowing yourself the time to disconnect from reality and really just focus on the amenities around you.

There are plenty of options for unwinding while here too. From yoga classes that are provided by the hotel, to lounging and sunbathing beside the pool or sundeck, they are all sure to make you feel well-rested and generally better in yourself.

There are also adorable little coffee houses available, as well as delicious restaurants, and fantastic bars.

Then after a long day of relaxation, you’ll retire to your room with vintage hardwood floors and impeccable views. Some rooms even have cute and cozy living areas where you can cuddle up beside the fireplace!

Boar’s Head Resort

When you want to escape hectic and busy day-to-day life to refocus on yourself and get some of that well-deserved rest, the Boar’s Head Resort in Virginia is by far one of the best options to choose as your destination.

The resort prides itself on its emphasis on wellness activities so there are plenty to choose from. Some are, admittedly, more relaxing than others.

You can opt for yoga classes or aqua aerobics if you’re looking for something that requires a little less effort, or alternatively, you can opt to push yourself a little further with Zumba classes or their outdoor boot camps.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are also several swimming pools available, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center, tons of divine restaurants serving the tastiest food, a function hall, and an amazing spa that offers tons of amazing treatments.

Lansdowne Resort & Spa

Lansdowne Resort & Spa

This four-star resort is another impeccable choice for those looking to get their relaxation fix.

You’ll be able to view the stunning scenery that surrounds the resort from the comfort of your own room which also includes free WiFi and all the upscale coffee-making essentials that you’ll need to have you up and ready for the morning ahead.

And there’s no end to the enjoyable and relaxing amenities on offer here. From a huge 45-hole golf course that boasts some of the most dream landscapes to 4 huge swimming pools, to a world-class spa that offers a whole host of amazing treatments, it’s almost impossible to not relax during your visit.

The Harmony Health Discover Immunity 3-Day Journey is also definitely worth your consideration.

With this package, you’ll get your accommodation, daily yoga and meditation experiences with licensed professionals, and a well-curated fitness, wellness, and diet program.

Mayhurst Inn

You know that this destination has to be spectacularly beautiful since it is a common and popular venue for a variety of wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, and other special occasions. And it definitely does not disappoint.

This restored period plantation home now has the perfect blend of quintessential charm and modern touches to make it the perfect place for anyone to stay.

And when you combine this with the amenities on offer, it is conclusive that the Mayhurst Inn is the perfect place to relax, refocus on yourself, and unwind.

Each day is started off with a filling and scrumptious American breakfast, then guests can choose between a whole host of amazing activities.

The yoga classes are a great first option to get you in the perfect mindset for everything else on offer which includes horseback riding, cooking classes, and interesting and educational heritage tours.

Omni Richmond Hotel

The Omni Richmond Hotel is amazing for all types of travelers; families, couples, businesses, and solo travelers. You can even treat your four-legged friends to a spot of luxury and mindfulness at this stunning four-star resort.

You’ll have stunning views of the James River from your modern and opulent rooms, and then once you wake up in the mornings, you can treat yourself to a delightful bite to eat from any of the three fantastic restaurants at the resort.

There’s also a 24-hour fitness center that offers yoga classes so you’ll have access to relaxation no matter what time it is, day or night. Then once you’ve got your fitness fix for the day, you can relax, sunbathe, and swim by the hotel’s heated pool.

Ocean Beach Club

Ocean Beach Club

Is there a more relaxing place to spend your days than a wellness resort that is located right beside gorgeous golden sands and crystal clear waters? We think not.

So, there really isn’t a better place to stay than the Ocean Beach Club in Virginia when you’re ready to take a break away from the stressors of everyday life.

Not only is the beach right beside you, but there’s also access to 3 stunning seaside pools complete with a poolside cafe and bar for when you get snacky or parched, full kitchens in the guest rooms, and a 32-inch flat-screen TV for when it’s time to unwind at night.

There’s also no better place to find your zen than by taking part in the oceanfront yoga provided by the hotel.

And once you get bored (if that’s even possible) of the bountiful amenities at the sight, you’re also close by to Virginia Beach, Neptune’s Park, and Pacific Place Shopping Center if you’d prefer to venture further out.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, if you’re looking for relaxation, wellness emphasis, and just some time to focus on yourself and take care of your mental health, there is no better place to be than Virginia.

There are so many amazing destinations available that the real difficulty will come down to deciding which of these options is the best for you. Is it possible to book a week at them all?

Camille Murphy
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