5 Yoga Retreats For Couples That Will Revitalize Your Whole Perspective

Yoga is one of the most popular activities and practices observed with the intention of helping to aid with relaxation and mindfulness.

Heading away from the busy modern world and retreating to a specially designed yoga retreat can be a great way to improve your relaxation and help cleanse your mind.

5 Yoga Retreats For Couples That Will Revitalize Your Whole Perspective

Heading for a yoga retreat is also made even more immense by enjoying one alongside a loved one, as it allows you to both grow closer and connect on a much deeper level that you may not be able to achieve otherwise.

The only problem is, there are so many yoga retreats for couples to be found across the world, and that’s probably why you found yourself on this very page.

Are you trying to decide on the perfect one for you?

Then you will want to make sure to read down below because today we are going to take a look at the very best yoga retreats that are perfect for couples!

Dive in now!

1. Purana Boutique Resort

This amazing getaway, based in Bali, is easily one of the best couples yoga retreats in the world, so we really could not resist the opportunity to make it the first entry in our list.

Bali, located in Indonesia, is renowned for its amazing natural landscapes, making it a great place to visit even if you just wanted to reconnect with nature.

And one of the best places in Bali to do just this is the Purana Boutique Resort.

Across the wide resort facilities, you will be able to heighten your relaxation simultaneously, as a couple by practicing yoga together in the morning, guided by a local instructor.

Practicing yoga at this resort is pure joy because it can be done against the backdrop of local nature sounds, and in the warm and placid Balinese air!

When it comes to hospitality, this is not only one of the best yoga retreats around but also one of the very best resorts in all of Bali.

The accommodations are very spacious and plush, and when you aren’t spending your evenings napping away, you can easily enjoy a specialty Balinese massage simultaneously, so that you can both relax your bodies while also relaxing your minds.

Make sure to also take a dip together in the large pool, before sitting down to a candlelit dinner beside the waters which will delight your senses with Balinese flavors!

2. Platinum Healing, Glastonbury, UK

Based within the heart of the relaxing city of Glastonbury is the amazing Platinum Healing resort, which is easily one of the best resorts in all of the UK, and even Europe at large!

The resort is packed full of facilities that you can slowly ease your way through over the course of a few days, refreshing your mind, body, and spirit.

You might enter the resort with the stresses of life still weighing you down, but you’ll step out of the resort with a newfound sense of life!

One of the highlights of the Platinum Healing resort in Glastonbury is the range of detoxing juices that are served throughout your visit.

These juices are packed full of vital nutrients that help your body to flush out all of the toxins that it naturally acquires over the course of an average day.

It’s very rejuvenating, and the various juices taste simply amazing to boot!

And when you aren’t sipping on juices together, you’ll both be making the most of the various yoga facilities that help you to get closer in touch with the spiritual, and help to make your physical body much more flexible.

This resort has a particular focus on Hatha yoga, which is a specialized form of yoga that places the focus on breathing, imbuing you with useful advice that you can apply to your daily life even long after your visit to the resort.

We also simply need to mention the regular check-ins that you will receive from the qualified nutritionist who can help you to discover the nutrients you most need to be added to your diet, and help you to make the necessary adjustments!

3. EarthMind Wellness, Honor’s Haven, NY

New York is a state that most often conjures up images of bustling cities, and may not often be someone’s first thought when it comes to picturing relaxing areas, but you’d likely be surprised by a visit to the EarthMind Wellness center, which is easily one of the most relaxing places in all of the United States!

The retreat is only 90 minutes away from the bustle of New York City, yet it feels almost a lifetime away from it thanks to how relaxing it is.

Staying at the center is a great thing to do if you live near the city, or even if you live elsewhere in the country because it is one of the best, and one of the most relaxing around!

Over the course of a stay at the resort, you will be treated to daily Hatha yoga classes, which can help you to calm your mind, and also teach you various breathing skills that can help you to regain control of stress during everyday life.

As well as this, there are also various Tai Chi practices, so you can really increase the range of meditative practices that you have at your disposal!

We also loved this retreat for featuring numerous group sessions that could be enjoyed alongside other couples, with all kinds of games and activities that can help you to strengthen your bond with your partner and grow to understand each other on a much deeper level.

And if you do decide to pay a visit to the resort, make sure to take advantage of the local nature, such as the Catskill mountain range, where you can get your body moving while also clearing your mind!

It’s a great area to take some romantic photos together amongst nature, or even just to chat!

4. Tantra Bridge, Tenerife

Tantra massage is a highly specific type of massage that takes a little bit of extra practice and experience to hone, and there is perhaps no better place to learn it than at Tantra Bridge, in sunny Tenerife!

As the sun beams overhead, you will be guided across your journey to learn Tantra massage, alongside your partner, experiencing the amazing highs that can be achieved through the practice.

Not only this, but the course is also designed to give you a deeper understanding of the unique history of tantra, so that you can better understand the power of the practice, so you can more easily remember its teachings!

Visiting this resort is a highly relaxing and rewarding experience, and you will also learn countless skills that can help you, as a couple, to achieve relaxation even long after the trip has ended.

And while you are there, the practitioners will treat you like absolute royalty, with high-class accommodations, and plenty of fresh and nutritious meals that will keep your body fulfilled, so you can focus on your spiritual side.

When it comes to yoga, this is easily one of the very best places in the world to learn about it, and it is something of a secret spot even in the popular destination of Tenerife, so make sure to pay it a visit!

5. Rishikesh Yog Shiksha, Rishikesh

If you can afford to make the trip to Rishikesh in India to attend the Rishikesh Yog Shiksha, then we strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to go!

Of all of the yoga retreats across the world, this is easily one of the most deeply spiritual, and you will feel a much greater closeness to yourself, as well as to your loved one, strengthening your bond.

The yogic practices observed here include Yoga Nidra, which is one of the most relaxing forms of yoga that is designed to send your body into a very specific state of sleep that is immensely relaxing physically and mentally.

This type of yoga is usually observed towards the end of each day at the resort, so you can really use it to help you to get a great night of sleep.

There are countless other relaxing activities to engage with at the resort, and you can even explore the local area around it, so you can easily go with the flow and find zen together, or be a little more adventurous, and create your own romantic getaway that you will both cherish!

To Wrap Up

There are countless yoga retreats that are perfect for couples dotted all across the world, but we believe that none of them quite stack up to the precedent set by these amazing retreats that will help you and your loved one to get closer than ever before!

Why not try planning a trip to one of these right now?

Camille Murphy
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