6 Yoga Retreats In Belize That Will Revitalize Your Whole Perspective

The mesmerizing and jaw-dropping scenery that surrounds the country of Belize makes it a perfect area for refreshing your energy and mental clarity through yoga, and whether you prefer a solo session where you can focus on achieving a state of mindfulness, or you enjoy being part of an instructed group, you have plenty of choices when you visit this gorgeous and exotic island.

6 Yoga Retreats In Belize That Will Revitalize Your Whole Perspective

Belize is split up into multiple different kinds of environments that can be found while traveling across the country, from the coastline to the dense and lush exotic rainforests, meaning you won’t be restricted to just one central area when practicing yoga.

Instead, you can harness the energy of the natural world in whichever way you would like, so to help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best yoga retreats across Belize that are all unique in their own ways that you should definitely consider visiting.

1. The Mayan Garden

The Mayan Garden located on Tower Hill is all about providing people with a space where they can relax and reflect on their personal goals in an environment that manages to be serene and peaceful, despite how popular it actually is among tourists.

With that being said, while The Mayan Garden does offer visitors a plethora of tourist-centered activities, including river canoeing and paddle boating, above all else, it is an area that encourages mindfulness and introspection, featuring multiple meditation and yoga classes that you can freely get involved with, no matter how much prior experience you’ve already had.

The outside meditation areas next to the river grant you an astonishing view of the ancient ruins and the jungle that surrounds the entire garden, and because of how old this area actually is, with archeologists discovering Mayan artifacts on the property back in the 1990s, the whole place feels very reflective and meaningful, making it the perfect retreat for some yoga and meditation.

2. Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge

Nestled along the banks of the serene Macal River is the Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge, a getaway that houses the largest Botanic Garden in all of Belize, and as soon as you take a step into this big, bright, and colorful lodge, you will immediately notice how intimate the jungle setting is, with the entire area being connected through narrow wooden bridges that lead you out into a vast area of greenery where you can practice some yoga in your own free time.

While you are free to undertake a solo session if that’s how you prefer to relax, Sweet Songs also offers a whole range of group activities that take place in their yoga palapa, an area covered in greenery where giant trees tower over the open landscape, providing shade and comfortability for anyone meditating or practicing yoga.

The lodge encourages its visitors to remain active throughout the day, so after your relaxing yoga session, feel free to explore your surroundings by taking on some of the many hiking trails, or you can get to know the other residents by popping into the gathering space to enjoy a hearty meal, the choices really are endless when you visit the Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge!

3. Thatch Caye Resort

Thatch Caye is an all-inclusive private island resort off the coast of mainland Belize that only accepts 30 guests at a time, which does mean it tends to be a little more expensive than a lot of other retreats.

However, with that being said, if you’re looking for a getaway destination where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of real life and reset your mind, giving you some space so that you can focus on your personal goals and re-ground yourself to the earth, you won’t find many areas in the world better than Thatch Caye Resort.

This island promises to bring all the things that make Belize so special and unique into one remote area, and this becomes evident as soon as you start walking around and see the overwater bungalows, hammock groves, and glistening lakes and rivers that run through the entire island.

Of course, this also means that there are plenty of yoga palapas spread out across the island, all of which are located in different natural areas, from the coastline all the way to the jungles, giving you a tremendous amount of variety depending on the environment you want to be surrounded by, and the type of energy and emotions you want to focus on during your session.

The wellness center in the middle of the island also offers guided meditation classes, and since the trip is all-inclusive, feel free to also dip into the many high-quality restaurants to try some authentic Belize cuisine when you start to hear your stomach grumbling.

4. Hopkins Bay Resort

This resort is located at the very center of Hopkins, which was proclaimed to be “The friendliest village in Belize” by the Belize First Magazine, and with only 1,000 locals currently living there, you can be sure this resort is quiet, peaceful, and the perfect place to revitalize your whole perspective on your life and spiritual journey.

With 70 rooms available and 2 restaurants, this resort knows how to make its visitors feel comfortable, but once all your clothes are packed away, and you’re ready to practice some yoga, the good news is you won’t have to travel far from your room.

This is because the yoga palapa is just a few steps away from the main building and the wellness center, and is actually a fairly long wooden pier that stretches out into the sea, allowing you to surround yourself with nature and the calming waters while you stretch your muscles.

The area is slit up into two areas, one located in the middle and the other right at the end of the walkway.

While the middle portion is used mostly for guided yoga sessions which are led by professional instructors who have been teaching visitors for several years, the next area, which faces directly out towards the sea, is for people undergoing solo meditation, giving you the choice on how you want to relax depending on how much you enjoy being in a group.

5. Copal Tree Lodge

There aren’t many areas that are more perfect for yoga and meditation than a rainforest or jungle.

The light chirping of exotic birds and the trees bristling in the gentle wind are incredibly refreshing to hear while practicing your stretches, especially considering that a lot of us have become so accustomed to the common sounds of heavy machinery, construction work, and cars that surround us in our everyday lives.

In just a few short years, Copal Tree has become an award-winning world-class destination that offers everything you could need to make your getaway as meaningful and beneficial as possible, including multiple yoga halls, some of which face out towards the sea, others look towards the dense jungles that surround the lodge and its facilities.

Copal Tree Lodge advertises itself as a wellness resort, so along with the yoga halls and yoga lessons that you are free to undertake, you also have access to spa services, a fitness center, and even private lounging areas to relax after ending the day off with a large and fulfilling meal.

6. The Placencia Resort

Just a short walk from the delightful village of Placencia is Maya Beach, and right next to that, you can find the Placencia Resort, an area situated right between the jungle and the ocean, granting visitors the opportunity to get involved in a whole range of activities thanks to its very unique location.

What this also means is that there are plenty of spots to practice yoga, all of which are far different from one another and offer a completely different meditative experience.

Whether you travel up to the Belize Barrier Reef, take a stroll around the Maya Mountains, or even just practice your stretching on the Maya Beach itself, the options really are endless.

Of course, no resort would be complete without its very own fitness and yoga centers, encouraging visitors to get together and harness their energy in a communal fashion, meaning if you’re someone who doesn’t currently have as much experience in yoga and simply want to become familiar with the basics, you can do so under the tutelage of one of the very experienced on-site instructors.

Once you’re finished stretching for the day, you also have plenty of ways to relax, including chilling in the swim-up bar or dining in the overwater bar, so to get the most out of your stay, make sure you also enjoy the other amenities that Placencia has to offer.


As the home to both lush jungles and glistening coastlines, Belize is a country that you should definitely keep in mind if you want somewhere serene and peaceful where you can focus all of your attention and energy towards improving your physical and mental well-being through yoga, while also engaging in a whole range of other fun and rewarding activities while on your adventure.

Camille Murphy
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