Amazing Yoga Retreats In Massachusetts That Will Bring You To A Better State Of Being

If you love yoga and are looking for a way to take a break and rejuvenate your energy, then one of the best things you can do is go on a yoga retreat.

Yoga retreats have been gaining in popularity for years now, and there are plenty of options when it comes to what kind of retreat you want to have.

Amazing Yoga Retreats In Massachusetts That Will Bring You To A Better State Of Being

On top of this, there are now more yoga retreats available than ever, so no matter where you are based in the country, there should be a yoga retreat that caters to your budget and needs close to where you are based.

If you are looking to improve your state of being, then we heavily recommend trying out one of the yoga retreats we recommend here so you can get a fresh start!

This guide is based on recommending yoga retreats that are either in Massachusetts, or close to it, preferably, in the New England area (Also check out Amazing Yoga Retreats In Virginia) (Also check out Amazing Yoga Retreats In Virginia) (Also check out Amazing Yoga Retreats In Virginia).

So, if you are based in Massachusetts, then this guide will have some of the best yoga retreats available which are close enough to you to be accessible.

This is a beautiful part of the country, and there are plenty of yoga retreats which take advantage of the nature available. As well as this, there is more variety in styles of yoga retreats than we have seen in other parts of the country.

For example, we have found yoga retreats that include other activities as a focus alongside the yoga so you can have an even more enriching experience.

So, if you are looking for the best yoga retreats that are accessible to you, then keep reading to get our recommendations for the best yoga retreats in and close to Massachusetts, starting with our favorites in Massachusetts!

In Light Wellness Retreats

In Light Wellness Retreats

This luxury yoga retreat costs $1600 per person, and they host one of the best wellness trips available in Massachusetts.

The retreat is in a stunning villa that is located in the Berkshires. While there is of course a focus on yoga in these retreats, this is not the complete focus, so if you want a retreat that is more solely dedicated to yoga, then you might want to look somewhere else.

The other focuses of this luxury retreat include fitness, and meditation, as well as focusing on how to unwind and relax.

There are nutritional consultants available to converse with when on the retreat who will be able to support you in advising how you can live a happier and healthier life.

There are completely certified yoga instructors who will be leading you in the Vinyasa yoga and meditation practices so you can ensure that you are learning from a certified and qualified source.

Every day on this retreat you will be getting well guided meditation and yoga sessions, as well as 3 organic and farm to table meals which have all been prepared by an expert private chef.

You also get some guided hikes and nature walks as well, so if you want to explore the area, this is also an option. There are also some luxury spa treatments available as well!

There are multiple options for the accommodation you go with as well, this includes a shared house or cottage, or your own luxury cottage all to yourself!

Real Life Yoga

For a more affordable option compared to our more luxury previous choice, there is Real Life Yoga which only starts at $425 per person on the retreat.

As the name suggests, this retreat is aimed to be more approachable and designed for normal people who just love yoga. The instructors are trained to be accessible and easy to approach.

You will get advice which is perfect for people at any skill level, whether you are trying yoga for the first time, or you have been doing yoga for years.

The instructions are designed to avoid making you feel overwhelmed, so no matter what learning style you have, this retreat should be perfect.

However, you will still learn something new with how many different types of yoga are taught including; Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kripalu, and they are taught at all skill levels.

Opposed to a hotel, this is a glamping experience that takes place at the Windhover Performing Arts Center.

The cost of the trip will include the double or triple occupancy rooms which are in cabins, as well as locally sourced meals, the yoga instructions, as well as the excursions and herbal workshops too!

Oceanview Boutique Retreat Cape Cod

Now for something unique, this yoga retreat is designed for those who are looking to be yoga instructors, so if this is something you are interested in, then we recommend checking out this niche option.

This is a life-changing option for those who are experienced and looking to become yoga teachers, as this is seen as one of the best options for those who are looking to go into this field.

Once you graduate from this training retreat you will have all the skills as well as experience you need to be a yoga teacher who is able to instruct people confidently.

The training here is completely accredited with the Yoga Alliance as well! You will get daily yoga sessions, as well as classes on mindfulness. However, the more specific teaching comes from the business building workshops that focus on being a yoga teacher.

There are also lessons on how to lead groups when it comes to discussions about yoga philosophy.

This is also a great networking opportunity with how many other yoga teachers you will be able to get in close contact with, as well as senior teachers who are leading the sessions.

You will also have a great time when doing this learning while staying at the luxury private villa it is hosted at. This is a quiet and peaceful retreat with some amazing views, so if this is something you are interested in, then you have to check it out!

Close To Massachusetts

So, we have now covered all our favorite yoga retreats that are based in Massachusetts, however, there are plenty more choices that are in the New England area that are perfect contenders as well.

So, if you are willing to look a bit further afield, there are even more options available that may cater to more specific requirements or needs.

So, keep an eye out on where these are based since there might be something else you can easily get to!

Mid Summer Break Yoga Wellness And Sailing

Mid Summer Break Yoga Wellness And Sailing

Now if you are looking for a unique combination of activities to keep things fresh, then trying this retreat that combines yoga and sailing is something that you have to try!

This retreat is hosted by Windjammer Angelique and it is perfect if you are in Maine and looking for an adventure.

This is the perfect way to spend some time during your summer trying something new and also enhancing your spirituality.

You will be staying on a 130’ traditional rigged boat which departs from Camden in Maine. There are on shore excursions every day to different spots like deserted islands and fishing villages.

There are also yoga classes every day that are on the boat, or in a park on a beach all depending on where you end up anchoring.

There are also meditation and breath work practices as well, on top of various workshops too. All meals and snacks are provided with drinks too!

Yoga Meditation And Writing Retreat

Yoga Meditation And Writing Retreat

For another fun combination of activities, then you should try this meditation and writing retreat that is also in Maine.

This is the perfect retreat for creative souls who are looking to refresh and get some new insight and inspiration.

There are the typical yoga and meditation classes available, as well as daily readings too. There are outdoor activities included as well, and the yoga which is mainly focused on is Hatha yoga.

This retreat is hosted in Kingfield which is a mountain village which is perfect for unplugging and disconnecting. You get a room in the barn or the mansion depending on the package you go for, but either option is comfortable!

Yoga Meditation And Cooking Holiday

For a final option, there is this meditation and cooking holiday which we love and is hosted in Phipps burg. You will get a variety of yoga classes as well as culinary teaching as well!


Hopefully this guide has made you aware of all the amazing yoga retreats that are in and around Massachusetts (Also check out Amazing Yoga Retreats In Arizona) (Also check out Amazing Yoga Retreats In Arizona) (Also check out Amazing Yoga Retreats In Arizona)!

As you can see there is way more choice than you might originally consider, so make sure that you are picky when choosing which one you want to go for.

Of course there are slightly more limited choices when just looking in Massachusetts, however, when you start exploring the whole New England area, you start to notice how much is available, so make sure to consider all the options that are available to you!

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